The OFFICIAL Podcast & Blog for Garretson!

Hi everyone! I have some really exciting news to share. As many of you know, about a year ago I began something called “The Blue Light Podcast.” The goal was to shed a light on the incredible community I call home. This year I had the opportunity to upgrade the podcast by streaming the videoContinue reading “The OFFICIAL Podcast & Blog for Garretson!”

Am I “Wasting” my Gifting in Garretson?

As many of you know, I am the pastor of a church plant in Garretson, South Dakota. When I explain this to other pastors they often look at me with utter confusion. Why would a young, gifted, and “charismatic” pastor seek to plant a church in a town of 1,200 people? Surely I am “wasting”Continue reading “Am I “Wasting” my Gifting in Garretson?”

The Sermon That Could Get Me Fired…

This past Sunday I preached a sermon at Renovation Church that would get me fired in many (if not most) evangelical churches in the United States. In the message I directly contradict the “expert” advice offered by church planting and church growth consultants. If that seems interesting to you, I encourage you to watch theContinue reading “The Sermon That Could Get Me Fired…”

The Gospel for Pedophiles

A few weeks ago I had the honor of worshiping with the men of St. Dysmas. St. Dysmas is a congregation that meets in the South Dakota State Penitentiary. I received the sacrament of communion side-by-side with men serving life sentences without the possibility of parole due to horrific murders. I raised my voice inContinue reading “The Gospel for Pedophiles”

How To Preach Great Sermons

This is the eighth post in a series of reflections based on Jared Wilson’s book “The Pastor’s Justification.” Preaching is a terrifying task. Every Sunday I stand before a people hungry to hear from God. The words I speak carry incredible weight and I will have to give an account for every syllable spoken. Those ofContinue reading “How To Preach Great Sermons”

My Only Job: Faithfulness

This is the seventh post in a series of reflections based on Jared Wilson’s book “The Pastor’s Justification.” In a few short months we will be transitioning the Garretson Campus to becoming an autonomous church. I am extremely excited for this upcoming adventure but, if I am honest, I have more questions than answers about pastoralContinue reading “My Only Job: Faithfulness”

Garretson Campus Becoming its Own Church?

Pastor Jon & I recorded a podcast that discusses this in more detail. I HIGHLY encourage you to listen to the podcast to get a better understanding of what is happening! Episode 132: Why We are Transitioning a Multi-Site Campus into an Independent Church Plant For those of you that do not know, The RESCUEContinue reading “Garretson Campus Becoming its Own Church?”

Lessons From Being Punched in the Face!

I have been in the process of learning how to box for the past few months. I have spent countless hours studying footwork, combinations, and proper head movement. As I continued to improve, I was given clearance to begin full-contact sparring with more experienced boxers at my gym! This past Saturday, I showed up toContinue reading “Lessons From Being Punched in the Face!”