Sermon Discussion Guide (Acts 14:1-7)

Below is the sermon discussion guide for the message I shared last Sunday at Renovation Church. We will be meeting to discuss these questions during an online Bible Study tonight via Zoom at 8pm – all are invited to join us (even if you have not watched the message). Connection info is here: BookContinue reading “Sermon Discussion Guide (Acts 14:1-7)”

I Am Preaching at Two Churches on Sunday!

Hi everyone! I wanted to write a short note to invite those of you in the area to join me for church at one of two different churches. This Sunday I have the opportunity to share a message from the Book of Acts at The Rescue Church in Flandreau, SD as well as Renovation ChurchContinue reading “I Am Preaching at Two Churches on Sunday!”

The Priority of Discipleship (Acts 13:42-52)

This past Sunday, I had the honor of teaching through Acts 13:42-52. In this passage, we see two things the early church prioritized: discipleship and obedience. As a result of these two priorities, three effects followed: multiplication, persecution, and maturity. In this message, I unpack what each of these mean practically in our own lives.Continue reading “The Priority of Discipleship (Acts 13:42-52)”

Location Update for Renovation Church (9/16/2020)

LOCATION UPDATE FOR OCTOBER: Our plan has been to move inside to the American Legion beginning on Sunday, October 4th. Instead, beginning in October, we are going to make a week-by-week decision on where we will be gathering for Sunday morning worship. If it is relatively nice out, we will be meeting at Split RockContinue reading “Location Update for Renovation Church (9/16/2020)”

The Message That Changed the World (Acts 13:13-41)

This past Sunday, I taught through Acts 13:13-41. In this passage, we are given a glimpse into one of the very first sermons preached by the Apostle Paul. By slowing down and studying this passage, we learn the core details of the message proclaimed by the early church that literally transformed the world. Below theContinue reading “The Message That Changed the World (Acts 13:13-41)”

Important Update for Renovation Church

On Sunday, October 4th we are moving indoors to the American Legion and asking all people to wear masks (see previous post for the official statement). There have been a few questions that have come in so I wanted to write a brief post to answer them. Q: If I am physically unable to wearContinue reading “Important Update for Renovation Church”

Spirit-Led Ministry (Acts 13:1-12)

This past Sunday I had the honor of teaching through Acts 13:1-12. In this passage, we see five characteristics that MUST be evident in our church in order to survive (and thrive) in a post-Christian society. The “Sermon Discussion Guide” is below the message. We will be meeting via Zoom on Wednesday night at 8pmContinue reading “Spirit-Led Ministry (Acts 13:1-12)”