Today I Begin My Doctorate!

I have recently been accepted into the Doctor of Ministry program at Sioux Falls Seminary. Those of you who have been following my blog, you know that I have also recently finished my Master of Divinity through Sioux Falls Seminary (others may be wondering if I will ever be done with school – probably not!)Continue reading “Today I Begin My Doctorate!”

7 Pillars of a Successful Ministry

I just finished listening to an excellent message from Kent Hughes, the author of Liberating Ministry from the Success Syndrome. According to Hughes, many pastors and ministry leaders feel like failures because they are measuring success according to the metrics of this world rather than according to Scripture. With this premise, he gives the audienceContinue reading “7 Pillars of a Successful Ministry”

Is Your Church a Swamp or a River?

This past Sunday I had the honor of teaching through John 17:6-19 at Renovation Church. This is the most powerful, beautiful, and magnificent prayers ever recorded in human history for it is prayed by God Himself – the Lord Jesus Christ. The last question I challenged my congregation to consider was this: Q: Am IContinue reading “Is Your Church a Swamp or a River?”

The Danger of “Casting Vision”

At a large church conference I attended a few years ago, one of the megachurch pastors explained to the audience the importance of vision. As a means of discerning who should be on staff, he explained that he will invite his staff members over to his home for leadership training and will purposely keep themContinue reading “The Danger of “Casting Vision””

When is Renovation Church Getting a Building?

When people find out that I lead Renovation Church and that we meet at the Garretson School for services, one of the first questions they ask is, “So… when are you guys getting your own building and becoming a ‘real’ church?” It’s a pretty innocent question but the assumptions behind it are fatally flawed. ForContinue reading “When is Renovation Church Getting a Building?”

Unmet Expectations = Frustration

Frustration is what happens when reality does not meet our expectations. All of us relate to this experience. For some people it is the search for a job. You remember complaining about your old job but any job is better than no job. You have filled out countless applications, wrote cover letters, and even followedContinue reading “Unmet Expectations = Frustration”

The Root of Unbelief (Sunday Message!)

If there was a guy named Jesus who really lived on this earth and really did all the miracles that people claim… how come he was abandoned by his disciples and died with almost no followers? This is the question I wrestled with this morning as we continued our Gospel of John series from┬áJohn 12:37-50.Continue reading “The Root of Unbelief (Sunday Message!)”

Death & Glory (Sunday Message)

This past Sunday I had the honor of preaching on John 12:20-36 at Renovation Church. In this passage Jesus makes the remarkable claim that the hour for him to be glorified is now here. In the minds of many people in the first century, this means that Jesus was getting ready to overthrow the RomanContinue reading “Death & Glory (Sunday Message)”