This past Sunday I preached a sermon at Renovation Church that would get me fired in many (if not most) evangelical churches in the United States. In the message I directly contradict the “expert” advice offered by church planting and church growth consultants. If that seems interesting to you, I encourage you to watch the message below. The text that I was preaching from is John 6:22-35.

Do you agree or disagree with the message? Let me know by leaving a comment or sending me a message!

Click the link below for the message:
The Sermon That Could Get Me Fired (John 6:22-35)

6 thoughts on “The Sermon That Could Get Me Fired…

  1. I listened to snippets… Hey… Give me a break, my sermons aren’t over 10 minutes!

    But what I heard was so, so, so on. The growth model… “How to be a better parent, husband, finances”… They have nothing to do with Jesus! It’s not the Gospel!!!!

    Keep on keeping on! -Lyle

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