The Terrible Weight of Pastoral Ministry

This is the ninth post in a series of reflections based on Jared Wilson’s book “The Pastor’s Justification.” P.S. – This will be a longer blog post. One of the best ways that I process concepts is through writing. Truthfully, this post is probably more for me than anyone else! We are a few short monthsContinue reading “The Terrible Weight of Pastoral Ministry”

The #1 Key to Spiritual Growth

This is the fourth post in a series of reflections based on Jared Wilson’s book “The Pastor’s Justification.” I remember the first megachurch I ever experienced. I was at a church conference in Texas and was speechless at the size of the church building as we approached it. It seemed as if multiple shopping mallsContinue reading “The #1 Key to Spiritual Growth”

Three Myths about Ministry

I have just finished a tremendous book on pastoral ministry called “The Pastor’s Justification” by Jared Wilson. Over the next few weeks I will reflect on the ways this book has challenged my view of ministry and leadership. Wilson has put into words ideas which have burned strongly in my mind for the past fewContinue reading “Three Myths about Ministry”

I Meet With a Therapist.

I am utterly weak and unqualified to be a pastor. My leadership is ruled more by timidity than boldness. My actions often derive from a desire to please people rather than God. The motivation behind my preaching springs from a desire for the praise of man rather than the affirmations of the Father… far more thanContinue reading “I Meet With a Therapist.”

We have authority issues…

I LOVE history. One of the things I find incredible about studying history is the direct relevance it has on our lives today. I’m currently reading a book called The Democratization of American Christianity. The book explores 19th century Christianity in the early United States. It has given me amazing insight into why we actContinue reading “We have authority issues…”

Hiring Church Staff with No Money

This post is the third of a series posts of my reflections on the Small Town, Big Church Roundtable event I attended at The Rescue Church. I encourage you to read the first two: It Takes ALL Kinds of Churches… Three Reasons Your Church is Struggling Financially The pastorate can be incredibly lonely. This feelingContinue reading “Hiring Church Staff with No Money”

The Art of Conversation… for Introverts!

I’m an introvert. I’m also a pastor. In my role as a pastor, I am forced out of my comfortable and solitary box to form genuine connections with people on a regular basis. Those of you that are introverts understand how seemingly impossible this is for us! Being an introvert does NOT mean I’m shy. Shyness is one ofContinue reading “The Art of Conversation… for Introverts!”

The Importance of Mentors

In order to be successful in any area of life – family, business, religion, education, etc. – you NEED mentors. Mentors are men and women who are further along than you are in your respective field, and are willing to teach, encourage, and train you. The Apostle Paul understood this powerful concept. He wrote aboutContinue reading “The Importance of Mentors”

Jesus and the Crowd

I hate large crowds. Yup, I know that is pretty ironic since I am a pastor. I actually do not mind being up front speaking to a large crowd but I hate being in the middle of a bunch of people. What I REALLY hate is if there is a large crowd of people andContinue reading “Jesus and the Crowd”

Leadership Lessons from a Pastor

Pastoral leadership is one of the most difficult yet rewarding leadership positions available. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to encourage people in their faith and exhort them to live according to Scripture. Yet, part of pastoral leadership is leading volunteers. Some say that leading volunteers is comparable to herding cats (If youContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from a Pastor”