The Problem with “Individual” Religion

The Christian faith has been deeply wounded by the individualism paraded by capitalistic society. Everything around us urges Christians to seek self-help and improve their personal lives. This has formed a church culture based on will-power and self-realization apart from Christ. Pragmatism has trumped biblical truth. The belief that Christianity is ONLY an individual decision made atContinue reading “The Problem with “Individual” Religion”

The Gospel Tears Walls Down

We are in the midst of a politically charged season. As U.S. citizens prepare to elect the most powerful person in the world, a variety of issues have surfaced. One of the vital issues of the presidential election is how the next president will handle immigrants. As a Christian, will you respond from a placeContinue reading “The Gospel Tears Walls Down”

There’s a Document Greater Than the Constitution.

We have a tendency to take cultural norms and make them a standard for religious orthodoxy. One of the most disgusting, shameful, and terrible examples of this is racism. Flannery O’Connor lived from 1925 – 1964 and wrote prolifically about the cultural issues of her day. Growing up in the south, she saw the trueContinue reading “There’s a Document Greater Than the Constitution.”

Clergy Aren’t Respected Anymore… Is That Good?

Those who hold the title of clergy have been experiencing a fall from popular culture. The image of a pastor has transformed from a caring individual, dedicated to bringing hope and restoration into a community to a televangelist bent on stealing money from the poor through the prosperity gospel. This seems like a new phenomenon. It’sContinue reading “Clergy Aren’t Respected Anymore… Is That Good?”

My Problem with Fundamentalism

I’m a recovering fundamentalist. Fundamentalism can be applauded for a variety of things. First, if you are a fundamentalist, you take the Bible seriously. You view the Bible as a set of demands upon your life that must be lived out. This encourages you to pursue holiness and righteousness. This is good… except when it’sContinue reading “My Problem with Fundamentalism”

Religion Sucks.

Can you imagine being imprisoned by your family for 25 years? This is what happened to the daughter of a wealthy Paris family in 1876. The daughter’s name was Blanche Monnier. Due to a romantic relationship the family disapproved of, they forced Monnier to become a prisoner in her bedroom while feeding her scraps ofContinue reading “Religion Sucks.”

You’re a Heretic.

It would be very strange to see a person without skin. Skin plays a vital role in our lives! It protects the rest of our body from outside factors which could destroy it. I have never heard anyone say that their skin holds them back from truly experiencing life… “I just wish I could beContinue reading “You’re a Heretic.”

Pastor… Where’s Your Passion?

This post is based on the book The Democratization of American Christianity by Nathan O. Hatch. Hatch outlines the influence of Christianity in the early United States.  I recently had the honor of preaching at an outdoor church service in Garretson, SD. The main point of my message was “Religion without relationship brings destruction.” InContinue reading “Pastor… Where’s Your Passion?”

Your Church NEEDS to Change in Three Ways!

The future is often stuck in a perpetual replay of the past. The events and attitudes of yesterday mold and shape tomorrow. Studying history can be incredibly prophetic in understanding the landscape of the 21st century. One of the books I am reading for seminary is called The Democratization of American Christianity by Nathan Hatch. BeforeContinue reading “Your Church NEEDS to Change in Three Ways!”

Why all the denominations?

People are often puzzled by the incredible amount of denominations in Christianity – especially in the United States. Many of these denominations began in the 1800s as people began to apply the principles of democracy and personal freedom to religion. As people exercised what they believed to be God-given reason and logic, it fostered aContinue reading “Why all the denominations?”