Three Myths about Ministry

I have just finished a tremendous book on pastoral ministry called “The Pastor’s Justification” by Jared Wilson. Over the next few weeks I will reflect on the ways this book has challenged my view of ministry and leadership. Wilson has put into words ideas which have burned strongly in my mind for the past fewContinue reading “Three Myths about Ministry”

The Problem with “Individual” Religion

The Christian faith has been deeply wounded by the individualism paraded by capitalistic society. Everything around us urges Christians to seek self-help and improve their personal lives. This has formed a church culture based on will-power and self-realization apart from Christ. Pragmatism has trumped biblical truth. The belief that Christianity is ONLY an individual decision made atContinue reading “The Problem with “Individual” Religion”

The Truth Will Make You… Odd?

I have recently finished reading a few excellent and thought-provoking short stories by Flannery O’Connor. O’Connor lived from 1925 – 1964. Her writing attacked the popular ideas of racism held in honor by many in the United States (especially in the south). The following reflections come from her story “Why Do The Heathen Rage.” RatherContinue reading “The Truth Will Make You… Odd?”

Hiring Church Staff with No Money

This post is the third of a series posts of my reflections on the Small Town, Big Church Roundtable event I attended at The Rescue Church. I encourage you to read the first two: It Takes ALL Kinds of Churches… Three Reasons Your Church is Struggling Financially The pastorate can be incredibly lonely. This feelingContinue reading “Hiring Church Staff with No Money”

Five Benefits of Multi-site Churches

In this season of life, God has called me to be a Campus Pastor in an incredible church called The Rescue Church. The Rescue Church is a multi-site church which simply means we are one church that meets in multiple locations. Every Sunday morning, The Rescue Church meets in Garretson, SD; Flandreau, SD; Colman, SD; Deeside,Continue reading “Five Benefits of Multi-site Churches”

Holy Preparation: Three Ways to Prepare for Worship

I can vividly remember the preparation that went into taking the ACT College Assessment test when I was in high school. This was a grueling, four hour test which I had prepared for months ahead of time. Leading up to the testing day, I dedicated hours studying the material, taking practice tests, and preparing myselfContinue reading “Holy Preparation: Three Ways to Prepare for Worship”