REFUSE to be Ignored

Abandoned Desert Church

Refused to be ignored!

I first heard this statement last week when I was at a roundtable event in Chicago with a group of roughly 18 pastors and church leaders. The biggest insult to a church is not to have people slander the members and leaders but instead to simply ignore them.

Satan wants quiet little churches that mind their own business and make absolutely no impact in the lives of those around them.

That’s not the church in Acts.

That’s not the church Jesus promised to build.

That’s not the church that will change the world.

If your church was to shut down today, would the community notice? Or would everyone continue their days and weeks without even realizing there was a church there in the first place? Is the church you belong to a FORCE that makes a difference or a FORTRESS for dead religion?

What is YOUR church doing in order to NOT be ignored and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with those around you? Let me know by leaving a comment, I would love to hear from you!

Two NEW Songs!


Did you know I write music?

I actually have a home studio with equipment I have been collecting and upgrading for the past 7 years. Anyways, it has been awhile since I have released any new music. You should click the “Recent Music” tab and check out the TWO NEW SONGS I just released.

The first one is called “SWYWS” featuring Jay-Rah.

The second song is called “Closer Now” by Eedee – I have the honor of featuring on the first verse.

Go. Listen. Share.

Let me know in the comments what you think of the new songs!

Leaders ARE Readers.


Leaders are readers.

I have no idea who first shared that statement. It is something I hear numerous times in leadership and yet it is often overlooked. If you are going to lead, you NEED to be reading; not just in your area of study but in all disciplines (to a certain degree).

Below are three reasons YOU need to be reading a wide variety of books/blogs on a daily basis.

  1. Reading connects you with the past.

Let’s be honest, there are a lot of dead people that have much more wisdom than you or I. Most of my favorite books are written by people who have been dead for centuries. The really beneficial aspect of reading old books is that the wisdom has been tested and proven true.

Truth is timeless.

If the book is sharing REAL truth then it will stand the test of time. If the writing is more focused on pop psychology and fads, no one will remember it 100 years from now – so why read it? If the book has stood the test of time, you NEED to be learning from it.

  1. Reading allows you to have a conversation with people you will (probably) never meet.

If you are going to grow both as a person and a leader, you need to be around people who are farther along than you are in your field of study. This is the reason mentors are so important; they can share wisdom and experience with you.

Reading is a conversation.

One of the reasons I find reading so beneficial is that it is not a lecture. You are able to read, ponder, and meditate at your own speed as you study literature. I love to journal and speak my thoughts verbally as I read a book. It allows me to digest the information and, in a way, have a conversation with the author who has much more experience, knowledge, and wisdom in their specific field than I do.

  1. Reading improves your writing and speaking ability.

Being able to write efficiently and speak pervasively are arguably the most important skills you will ever develop. If you want to make a difference and impact the world (which I hope we all do) you NEED to be able to clearly express yourself as both a dynamic speaker and influential writer.

Don’t believe me? Do a Google search for “skills that employers look for” and I guarantee both writing and speaking will make virtually every top ten list you can find.

By spending time reading both modern and historic literature, you will expand your vocabulary and have a better understanding of others’ viewpoints. When you are reading the works of another person, you are able to enter into their thoughts; this will help you immensely both to understand and connect with your audience.

Reading connects you with the past, allows you to converse with various authors, and improves your writing and speaking ability.

How has reading helped YOU grow as both a person and a leader? Leave a comment and let me know!

Do YOU Want to be Featured?


One of the many things I love about the blogging world is the variety of voices. Thanks to the internet, writers from all over the world can collaborate and share ideas.

In light of this fact, I want to begin sharing guest posts from believers every where. If you would like a post featured on, send an e-mail to – It would truly be an honor to read your post and share it on here!

If you are wondering what to write about, I will be accepting anything regarding ministry, theology, or world issues viewed from a Biblical perspective.

If you submit an article and it is featured on this blog, I will be sure to include an “About Author” area and link it back to your personal website. Below is some information on what to include in the e-mail.

  1. Full Name
  2. E-Mail Address
  3. 2-4 “About Author” sentences
  4. Any other information you would like to include

If you are a blogger and would rather just connect with me so we can share ideas and feedback, feel free to send an e-mail as well. I would love to hear from you!

As If YOU Were Suffering


You are jolted awake by the muffled scream of your daughter in the other room. As soon as you leave your bed, you hear the cracking sound of an automatic rifle and more screams coming from the village you live in.

Your heart begins to accelerate and the persecution you have been praying for deliverance from begins. You are literally walking through the worst nightmare imaginable.

As you race towards your daughter, a blunt object smashes against your face.

As you begin to regain consciousness, you realize that you have been unresponsive for hours on end. It is a struggle as you try to open your eyes because your face is mutilated and crusted with dry blood.

Suddenly, you remember your family and force yourself to get up to check on your wife, daughter, and son.

They are nowhere to be found. The only signs of them are blood splattered mattresses.

You panic.

In a state of shock, you sprint out of your house while broken shards of glass penetrate through the bottom of your feet. Your worst fears are being realized before your eyes. All around you, dead bodies of both men and women are littered throughout the streets. Friends, relatives, young, and old are lying lifeless around you with various parts of their bodies mutilated.

You begin to feel numb.

As your vision regains focus through the tears filling your eyes, you see the decapitated heads of young boys on poles in the middle of your village.

There’s your son.

His head decapitated and impaled by a stick in the middle of a group of boys who faced the same fate. His glass-like eyes pierce through your entire body. You fall to the ground and cry out to God with groaning; unable to even form words out of extreme distress and shock.

Remember the prisoners, as though you were in prison with them, and the mistreated, as though you yourselves were suffering bodily. – Hebrews 13:3

How would you react if you were in this situation? My guess is you would literally scream out to God with your entire being. We are called to remember our brothers and sisters in the faith around the world AS IF WE WERE SUFFERING WITH THEM!

When was the last time you seriously spent time praying for them? Not just a few emotionless words but actually crying out to God for those who are being brutally murdered, tortured, and humiliated for their faith in Jesus?

Please join with me in praying for our brothers and sisters around the world who are facing extreme persecution. Remember them as if you yourselves were suffering bodily. Cry out to God for deliverance on behalf of the Christians and other persecuted groups around the world.

Pray, Share, and Spread the word. Let’s join together. Prayer is far more powerful than any of us realize.

The Sacred Apprenticeship


Have you apprenticed yourself to sin or to God? Are you experiencing death or renewal? Who is molding your life – is it the desires of your flesh or the Holy Spirit of God?

In Garretson, I am meeting with a great group of people every Tuesday afternoon to study the book of Romans. This work of literature is considered by many to be one of the most influential letters in all of history. In Romans, the Apostle Paul is explaining and clarifying the Gospel for a group of ancient believers in Rome. It was written over a thousand years ago but is extremely relevant for today.

In Romans 6, Paul makes the point that all of us are either slaves of sin or slaves of righteousness. To look at this from another perspective, we all serve some type of master. This is true whether you are religious or not. You either serve the master of sin or the master of Christ.

Dave Seemuth, in his commentary on Romans, explains it this way….

 “In certain skilled crafts, an apprentice works under a master, who trains, shapes, and molds his apprentice in the finer points of his craft. All people choose a master and pattern themselves after him. Without Jesus, we would have no choice – we would have to apprentice ourselves to sin, and the results would be guilt, suffering, and separation from God. Thanks to Jesus, however, we can now choose God as our Master. Following him, we can enjoy new life and learn how to work for him. Are you still serving your first master, sin? Or have you apprenticed yourself to God?”

Below are three ways you can apprentice yourself to God.

  1. Spend time with Him!

It is truly strange that there is such a large number of Christians who think they can grow in their faith without ever seeking the God they claim to know. If we had the opportunity to meet our favorite celebrity, we would be willing to give up an entire week’s worth of sleep! How come we hit snooze on the alarm clock multiple times and forget meeting with the God who CREATED our favorite celebrity?

How can you possibly be trained, shaped, and molded by someone you never speak with?

Spend time THIS week seeking the God who made you. Be still and seek God through prayer and Scripture. (If you have never read the Bible, I recommend the Gospel of John as a good starting place!)


  1. Work from HIS wisdom!

An apprentice does not make up how to do the craft. You apprentice yourself to someone to specifically learn the set of skills you need to be successful. How often do Christians (me included) try to serve in ministry without seeking God for a proper understanding on how to do the work in the first place!

I think all Christians (and churches) are guilty of this in some degree. We are guilty of thinking we are “clever” enough to strategize our own way of doing ministry. Then, when things do not go as WE planned, we expect GOD to bless it!

The next time you make a decision, spend time seeking God’s direction! Instead of expecting God to bless YOUR “amazing” plan; seek to pattern your life and decisions after HIS wisdom.


  1. NEVER graduate!

The goal of a regular apprenticeship would be to learn the skill or craft and then venture out on your own. Unfortunately, many Christians have applied this type of thinking to their sacred apprenticeship. Christians begin their faith attending church, committed to community, and seeking God; then, out of pride and foolishness, they decide their too “spiritual” for these things.

Lack of accountability will ruin your life and demolish your integrity.

An apprenticeship with God lasts for all eternity. You will never graduate from the foundation of His Scriptures, the support of His Church, or the strength of His Spirit.

On a daily basis, seek to spend time with God, work from HIS wisdom, and NEVER graduate His apprenticeship as you “are being transformed into the same image from one degree of glory to another.” – 2 Cor. 3:18


Have you apprenticed yourself to God? If so, what are some other helpful disciplines to grow in the Christian faith? Leave a comment and let us know!

Kickball and Palm Trees


(Below is a guest post from Jon Sanders. Jon serves as the Lead Pastor of The RESCUE Church, a multi-site church with a huge vision for reaching rural communities for Jesus Christ.  You can connect with Jon @

“Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” – Psalm 37:4

I was recently reminded of this verse as I was serving with a team of people from The RESCUE Church on a trip to our campus in Deeside, Jamaica.

Now I’m sure what I’m about to say next will sound very minor and insignificant, but here goes…

  • I LOVE kickball! (It’s ok. You can laugh at me.  I still love playing the game of kickball and I’m not ashamed to say it out loud!)
  • I love palm trees!
  • I love to travel!

So here I was…having TRAVELED to Jamaica…surrounded by PALM TREES…playing KICKBALL with a bunch of great kids…when it dawned on me again that I truly serve a GOOD GOD who rewards those who seek after Him and loves to give us the desires of our hearts!

I think that so often we wrongly believe that if we give full surrender to the Lord that He will make us do the very things we hate the most…that following Christ will mean giving up everything we love.

But over and over again God has proven Himself to be faithful and GOOD to me as I have followed Him.  Sure, there have been times that He has led me way out of my comfort zone and I have given certain things up in order to follow His leading in my life, but what I’m learning is the more I seek Him and truly follow Him, the more my desires align with His desires…and then He gives me the desires of my heart!

So let me encourage you to seek after God with ALL of your heart today…and tomorrow…and the next day…and for the rest of this year…and next year…and the year after that…and watch what happens in your life.  You may just look up one day and realize that you’re playing kickball as palm trees blow in the breeze nearby!

If you want to watch a video recap of our most recent trip to Deeside, Jamaica check this out:

Church Online?


(Yes, that picture is on a whole ‘nother level of awesomeness)

Have you ever attended a church service in your pajamas?!

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to invite you to join me tomorrow morning on The Rescue Church’s iCampus. Every Sunday morning at 10am central time, we stream our entire service live. There is also interactive chat, notes, and prayer.

If you have ever wanted to see what a service at the Rescue Church is like but have never had the chance to attend, we would be honored to have you join us tomorrow morning! We do not consider our iCampus as a replacement for a local church, we urge you STRONGLY to be plugged into a church in your community.

BUT, if you have not been to church in years, it can be pretty intimidating going back. We would like to help disarm your worry and anxiety by offering the service to you via your computer.

So why not join us tomorrow? I will be in the chat as a “Host” and would love to talk to you. See you at 10am!

The Rescue Church iCampus –

Three Reasons Why YOU Need a Budget!


In a couple of weeks, Ashley and I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary! Today I was thinking about some of the practical things that made our first year together a success. One of the many tools we implemented was a budget that we actually use.


I cannot overemphasize that point. Whether you are in high school, college, a 9 to 5 (or more than one of those) you NEED to be following a functional budget. Below are three reasons why.

Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty.” – Proverbs 21:5


  1. A budget helps maximize your giving.

One of the pushbacks I hear about sticking strictly to a budget is that it overemphasizes money. Honestly, I think this is just an excuse for lazy and foolish people to not properly manage their finances (before you get mad that I called you lazy and foolish, go read Proverbs and you’ll find out it’s true). I have found that keeping a budget does not decrease your giving, it actually INCREASES it.

When you form a budget you are able to create certain categories that have set amounts. When you spend out of these categories, you do not have to feel guilty or worried about your monthly bills because you know you can afford to spend money in that area (as long as your budget is actually functional of course).

Practically, I highly recommend having at LEAST two areas for giving in your budget. The first one being tithing to your local church (yup, that DOES mean at least 10% of your income). Second, I would recommend setting apart an amount that you can give to other people. This amount can be used for any type of giving – from charity to taking a friend out to eat. This will make you much more generous AND give you confidence that you won’t go broke.


  1. A budget destroys the power of money.

If you have never used a budget, you probably think this point is counterintuitive. You may be asking, “How does spending time managing my money help remove its power? Wouldn’t that put a greater focus on cash?” The keyword to that question is MANAGING.

Either YOU will manage money or MONEY will manage you.

If you are going through life without a budget (especially if you are on a fixed income) you will constantly be attacked with thoughts of anxiety and stress over your finances. You will buy a gift for someone or have to repair your car and then spend the next two weeks worrying about whether or not you will be able to pay your rent and electricity bill.

If you manage your money properly, money will serve you. If you do not manage it properly, you will serve money.


  1. A budget increases your income.

Okay, not technically. If you stick to a budget I cannot promise that your income will go from $30,000 to $60,000 but it WILL increase your savings and your overall wealth. Sticking to a budget is not a “get rich quick” scheme. It takes many years of discipline. Yet the time will come when you will look back and are grateful you heeded the advice of being strict with your spending habits.

“If you live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.”

Above is a quote by Dave Ramsey. If you live and are strict on your budget now, you will reap the rewards later. This should not be your sole reason for sticking to a budget but it is the eventual outcome. I would like to take some liberty and change Dave Ramsey’s saying slightly… If you live like no one else, later you can GIVE like no one else.

Sticking to a budget will maximize your giving, destroy the power of money, and increase your income! So why not give it a shot?

Do you use a budget? What are some of the advantages that you have noticed when it comes to properly managing your finances?

By the way, I highly recommend checking out the ministry of Dave Ramsey. His website can be found at – He has loads of Biblical wisdom when it comes to managing finances.

Blog Update


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