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As many of you know, I have the incredible honor of leading The Rescue Church in Garretson. The community of Garretson, SD is filled with amazing people. One of the benefits of a small town is the ability to actually KNOW those around you!

I’m going to begin a regular column on both my website and the Garretson Gazette (the local paper) that highlights community leaders. Some of these people own businesses, work in non-profits, or simply add value to the community!

These short articles will focus on who they are as a person. I want each article to be the kinds of things you would learn over a cup of coffee. I hope it sparks new conversations, forms vibrant relationships, and generates business for the community.

I need YOUR help to make this successful.

Can you please comment or e-mail me the name of a person you think would be an inspiration to read about? My e-mail is – I look forward to hearing from you!

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