Bible Picture

I desire to add value to the lives of people by teaching the Bible in a way that is understandable, truthful, and relevant. We live in the midst of a culture that is biblically malnourished. Even within the church, we have people who can quote Scripture but have no idea how to live it out in their daily lives.

I want to see that changed!

I would love to work with you in order to begin that change in your community. If you are part of a church, youth group, Bible study, or any other group that would find it beneficial for me to share from the Bible, let’s work together! I would encourage you to check out my Recent Messages to have an understanding of how I communicate.

Are you interested? Head on over and Contact Me so we can begin planning and praying together!

We will discuss rates & travel when you contact me. I desire to work with people on all budgets and am willing to be flexible on speaking fees. 


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