I spent this past week at Sioux Falls Seminary for the intensive week of the Kairos Project. This was a week of classes, study, fellowship and prayer. On top of that, I finally learned to enjoy coffee today (thanks to Annie’s Coffeehouse in Garretson!)

So… let’s have coffee together for the #weekendcoffeeshare! As I sip on my latte (I can’t drink ‘real’ coffee yet..) let me share with you some of the things I learned this week:

1. Ministry MUST happen in every sphere of life!
Sadly we have promoted a false dichotomy between secular and sacred work within the church. Almost everyone believes that formal, paid ministry is sacred work. On the other hand, other jobs (accountant, custodian, etc.) is secular or worldly work. As pastors, we expect people to use the small amount of leisure time they have in order to serve at the “sacred” church INSTEAD of empowering them to be witnesses in their work place.


All of work is sacred if it is beneficial to mankind and honoring to God! We desperately need a new theology of work. All Christians are called to full-time ministry; whether that is in a church or a factory. God has strategically placed YOU in your specific sphere of influence in order to make Jesus known to those around you!

2. There is a difference between VOCATION and OCCUPATION!
To our own detriment, we have ruined a proper understanding of vocation. Vocation is best understood as a call on one’s life. An occupation is the specific way you are living out that call on your life.

For example, God has called me to be a pastor. This can be done in ANY occupation that God places me! Whether it is through paid ministry in a church or paid ministry as a custodian! In other words, our vocation supersedes our occupation.

Rather than becoming anxious over whether or not you are in the right occupation, focus on bringing the full value of your vocation (your calling) INTO your current job. Use your job as a mission field to love God and love people. Do your work to the absolute best of your ability in order to love your neighbor! THAT IS MINISTRY!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know by leaving a comment and let’s continue the discussion!

7 thoughts on “I had an incredible week!

  1. Amen Tyler…. we need only to look around us where God has already placed us… and begin. I believe God works in those who are already working. If you are busy… Bless God !! He will use you right where you are right at thus moment. Don’t for what you “think” what your ministry should look like. It looks like what it does right now. Just do it !! He who has begun a good work in you is faithful to complete it. One more thing… Isn’t it time we begin to influence the influential ?? Just sayin…. P.S. I am glad you are learning to enjoy coffee. Marketplace ministry is where its at… 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading, Debbie and I agree entirely! We need to begin doing ministry where we are at. Working in a school is just as holy as working in a church. In all things, let’s bring glory to God through excellence!

  2. “All of work is sacred if it is beneficial to mankind and honoring to God!” That is a wonderful thought we all need to catch; “If it is beneficial to mankind, and honoring to God.”

    1. Thanks for reading, Tim! I agree that we need to understand how work is sacred – not only intellectually but in practice. We need to re-think the vocabulary we use when referring to work!

  3. ‘Morning, Tyler!
    (Grandma Ramsbey here.)
    I am so thankful you are maturing in your chosen vocation. Love You!

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