Christians, Politics, & Donald Trump

I have resisted the strong urge to comment publicly on politics. My resistance has officially been broken. My heart has been crushed by the mud-slinging happening among Christians. Our response to this election has exposed the false gods we have elevated in our hearts,¬†churches, and country. 1. We¬†worship man. The only explanation for the bitternessContinue reading “Christians, Politics, & Donald Trump”

There’s a Document Greater Than the Constitution.

We have a tendency to take cultural norms and make them a standard for religious orthodoxy. One of the most disgusting, shameful, and terrible examples of this is racism. Flannery O’Connor lived from 1925 – 1964 and wrote prolifically about the cultural issues of her day. Growing up in the south, she saw the trueContinue reading “There’s a Document Greater Than the Constitution.”