Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

I have resisted the strong urge to comment publicly on politics. My resistance has officially been broken.

My heart has been crushed by the mud-slinging happening among Christians. Our response to this election has exposed the false gods we have elevated in our hearts, churches, and country.

1. We worship man.
The only explanation for the bitterness and emotional vomit that unfolds on social media is that we find our hope in man, not God. When our idols are threatened, we respond with sharp words soaked in venom.

We give lip service to the ideal of trusting in God but our actions & words contradict this confession.

When we attack and demonize others due to their politics beliefs, we worship man. Those who truly worship God understand that the Gospel tears down the dividing walls of hostility that separate people – it doesn’t build them (Ephesians 2:14).

2. We worship our country.
We forget that our primary citizenship is not here (Philippians 3:20). Often our patriotism turns into idolatry when we equate the United States with the Kingdom of God. We make this mistake by using promises God made towards Israel and applying them to the U.S.

God is not dependent on the United States to advance His mission.

The day is coming when the United States will only exist in history books. The Church of Jesus Christ will outlast the United States and any other nation – regardless of how powerful they are.

Our citizenship is first and foremost in God’s Kingdom. This is a Kingdom which cannot be shaken and will endure for eternity. It is led by God himself – King Jesus – who rules and reigns with complete righteousness.

3. We worship certain policies.
Many Christians do not realize that the church began to face corruption once it received political power. For the first 300 years of the church, Christians were considered the scum of the earth. They were slandered, persecuted, and abused. In the midst of this dark time, the church grew exponentially.

Eventually, Christianity became a favored religion in the Roman empire during the rule of Constantine. This produced power-hungry leaders who demanded that the State bow to their religion. Brutal wars were fought over points of doctrine; bishops used violence to force adherence. This is a far cry from Jesus’ call to be peacemakers.

We aren’t called to be politically powerful. Revival doesn’t begin by making Christianity “great” again. Enacting certain policies or electing the right judge will not bring about lasting change. Revival only begins when the hearts of men & women are exposed to the power of the Gospel.

As election day nears, I encourage you to vote your conscience.

  • Does your conscience allow you to vote for Donald Trump? Then do it.
  • Does your conscience allow you to vote for Hillary Clinton? Then do it.
  • Does your conscience allow you to vote for a third-party candidate? Then do it.

On November 9th, Jesus will still be King of kings and Lord of lords. Jesus promised that the world would know us by our love for each other; let’s quit attacking other people over temporary issues! The Kingdom of God welcomes democrats, republicans, independents, and any other party!

Our Kingdom is built on the person & work of Jesus Christ – not an elected official or political system!

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