Know Your Tackle Box (New Message!)

Due to some technology issues I have not been able to record my messages for quite a few weeks. All of those things have been solved so you can plan on looking for a new message (usually) once a week! We are currently in a series called “Catch and Release” and we are learning howContinue reading “Know Your Tackle Box (New Message!)”

The Great Invitation (Message)

Here is a message I recently preached about the Samaritan woman Jesus encounters at the well. I pray that it encourages you in your faith and helps you understand just how much God loves you! (If you are reading this in your e-mail you may have to go to the actual page to watch theContinue reading “The Great Invitation (Message)”

The Side Effects of Money (New Message!)

DOWNLOAD Wealth can be incredibly dangerous. The truth is, if you make more than $10,000/year you are in the top 8% of the global economy. If you are reading this on a computer, phone, or tablet – you are considered RICH by the rest of the world. In this message we look at what theContinue reading “The Side Effects of Money (New Message!)”