Three Ways to Prevent Burnout

This is the sixth post in a series of reflections based on Jared Wilson’s book “The Pastor’s Justification.” Beautiful explosions filled the sky this past week as people around the United States celebrated Independence Day. One of the evenings when Ava (my almost 8 month old daughter) wasn’t able to sleep, we gazed out theContinue reading “Three Ways to Prevent Burnout”

You’re a Heretic.

It would be very strange to see a person without skin. Skin plays a vital role in our lives! It protects the rest of our body from outside factors which could destroy it. I have never heard anyone say that their skin holds them back from truly experiencing life… “I just wish I could beContinue reading “You’re a Heretic.”

The God of the Ordinary

When we think about God, our minds naturally drift to extraordinary events and supernatural power. There is nothing bad about this. All throughout Scripture, we see the Lord of the universe bending natural laws to flood the world with His incredible love. Many people are desperately hungry to experience a supernatural move from God. We buyContinue reading “The God of the Ordinary”