When Is Tyler Leaving Renovation Church?

Hi everyone! In the video below I tackle a pretty common question I get – when am I planning on leaving Renovation Church to advance in my ministry career? Check out the video below for my answer! If you are reading this in your e-mail, you will need to go to the actual page toContinue reading “When Is Tyler Leaving Renovation Church?”

Church Membership Class (Online)!

As many of you know, I am the Lead Pastor of Renovation Church. I just finished recording our membership class so that people can “attend” the class when it is convenient for them. If you are curious about the story, values, vision, or beliefs of Renovation Church, check out the membership class! (If you areContinue reading “Church Membership Class (Online)!”

Low Attendance & Insecurity

My understanding of leadership is that a leader is a person who is bold, courageous, and confident. Leaders aren’t perfect but they are pretty close. Leaders refuse to dwell on weakness and insecurity – instead, they exploit their strengths in order to make a bigger impact. Well, I’m going to break all the rules ofContinue reading “Low Attendance & Insecurity”

Lutherans, Catholics, & Renovation Church!

Monday and Tuesday of this week I had the honor of running sound/video for a Lutheran Conference at Sioux Falls Seminary. This morning (Wednesday) I attended Mass at St. Rose of Lima in Garretson. This afternoon I began working on an expository sermon from John 6 to proclaim to the church I pastor – aContinue reading “Lutherans, Catholics, & Renovation Church!”

Renovation Church & Weekly Communion

Beginning this coming Sunday (November 12th), Renovation Church will begin practicing weekly communion. Communion is when we celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ through eating a small amount of bread and wine (or grape juice) as a church. The vast majority of contemporary churches only practice communion quarterly or monthly. This isContinue reading “Renovation Church & Weekly Communion”

Renovation Church – Launch Sunday Recap!

I’m still in awe of what God did this past Sunday at Renovation Church. I had the incredible honor of preaching from John 3 and explaining why our church would be rooted & sustained by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we would not lift up Renovation Church but rather Jesus ChristContinue reading “Renovation Church – Launch Sunday Recap!”

New Name, Same People (Garretson Campus Transition Q&A)

The Garretson Campus of The Rescue Church is in the process of becoming our own church. We are doing this with the blessing & support of The Rescue Church. In this short post, I want to invite you to a special service on Sunday, September 24th. We meet every Sunday at 10am at the GarretsonContinue reading “New Name, Same People (Garretson Campus Transition Q&A)”