On Sunday, October 4th we are moving indoors to the American Legion and asking all people to wear masks (see previous post for the official statement). There have been a few questions that have come in so I wanted to write a brief post to answer them.

Q: If I am physically unable to wear a masks due to a health issue, can I come to church
A: Yes. That being said, if you have a severe underlying health issue (such as severe asthma) it’s probably best for you to join us online but that’s a decision you need to make.

Q: Do my kids need to wear a mask?
A: We are asking all kids who are 5 years old and older to wear a mask. Those who are younger, we encourage it but understand that it can be difficult for kids. For what it’s worth, my daughter who is three will be wearing one and she wears one every day at preschool without any issues (or complaining).

Q: Will we be taking communion?
A: Yes. We will continue to take communion while practicing social distancing, good hygiene, and the wearing of masks before and after communion. Of course you can take your mask off to take communion but that’s only for a few seconds.

Q: Will there be singing?
A: Yes. If we were not wearing masks, we would not do any type of singing. Although singing does increase the risk of COVID-19, this risk should be reduced if everyone who is able is wearing a mask.

Q: What if I do not want to wear a mask?
A: If your reason for not wearing a mask is simply a refusal to do so or a philosophical reason (i.e. you think masks are the mark of the beast – or some other internet theory) – you have two choices. First, you are more than welcome to join us online – but online church is not ideal. Second, there are many churches in our area who are not asking people to wear masks. We encourage you to get plugged into one of them.

Finally, I appreciate the encouraging comments some people have sent me. I shared with my wife this morning that, for the third Sunday in a row, I have had severe anxiety on Sunday mornings (to the point of my hands have been shaking). I generally have very little anxiety. I think my anxiety comes from the reality that I know this is the right thing to do but I also understand there’s a significant number of people upset with me. Nevertheless, I take comfort in the writings of Paul, “If I were still trying to please people, I would not be a servant of Christ (Gal. 1:10).”

In Christ,
Tyler Ramsbey

2 thoughts on “Important Update for Renovation Church

  1. Thanks Tyler as always for being a leader, of not only our church, but your family and community. Your choice to follow guidelines and health professionals even when it will be met with opposition is noted by many but most of all God. Keep leading your flock the way Jesus intended His shepherds to lead.

    Cathi Bottelberghe

  2. Hello Tyler, Such a beautiful day here in northern Illinois – seems like all should be right with the world.

    I have been watching all summer and so enjoyed the sermons and the surroundings. Noticed last Sunday that that beautiful tree is getting ready for Fall.

    As you speak/write about Renovation Church, CDC regulations, your nervousness, folks questioning your decisions; I think of the support that my local pastor receives from the ELCA. Our Bishop of the Northern Illinois Synod, has a Zoom meeting every week for the local pastors to lift them up and give reassurance. Of course, I have never been a part of it, but that is what I understand. Anyway, since Renovation Church isn’t part of a “Church Body” or denomination, I just wonder if you are getting support from a gathering of local pastors….or someone.

    I agree with your mask regulations but know many here have differing opinions. The front page of our local paper headlined how the Dakota’s are going through a bad time with Covid 19. Can only imagine that in that Republican state and maybe Republican town, that there are many disagreements. Sorry, maybe lots of Republicans agree with the masks – I know here there often is a party line. My church has been doing outside worship (with masks and social distancing) for six weeks and plans to go to worship from the car in October. Not so sure that I will participate.

    Your email several weeks ago talking about your signing up to be a substitute teacher, start an on-line Bible Class for young people, and beginning a new line of study was “WHAT!!”. Blessings to you with all those obligations.

    My sister, Susan Solheim, and I continue to be fed by your sermons. Your enthusiasm and knowledge and desire to make disciples of Jesus are evident. Of course, as a Lutheran, love the frequent reference to Martin Luther. Wondered today if that person that gave a definition of “justification” as “just as though you never sinned” was a former Lutheran. That is the answer I was giving you! There are some parts of some sermons that I can’t fully agree with – usually dealing with heaven and hell. Since you can quote Scripture to back up your beliefs and I probably can’t – that is just the way it will be.

    Sorry for this lengthy email. Just want you to know that I pray for you and your ministry and your family. There is alot on your plate.

    May you know peace and joy in this day! Dianne


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