This past Sunday I had the honor of teaching through Acts 13:1-12. In this passage, we see five characteristics that MUST be evident in our church in order to survive (and thrive) in a post-Christian society. The “Sermon Discussion Guide” is below the message. We will be meeting via Zoom on Wednesday night at 8pm to talk through these discussion questions. All are invited to join us. The connection info is here:

Book of Acts – Week 31 – Acts 13:1-12
Discussion Guide

Before working on this discussion guide, please do the following:

1. Watch the message from this past Sunday if you were unable to attend the online service. You can find the message on our Facebook Page and on our website (

2. Spend 5 minutes or so in prayer. You can either pray through the “Lord’s Prayer” or simply share what is on your heart. It is also good to spend at least 1 full minute in silence so that God can quiet your heart and mind as you prepare to study the Scriptures.

Discussion Questions

1. Read slowly and prayerfully through Acts 13:1-12. What stands out to you? What questions do you still have after reading through the text?

2. Tyler shared in the beginning of the message that churches have lost anywhere from 25 – 50% of regular attenders since the start of COVID-19 and many of these people will never return to the church. Why do you think this is?

3. Although it’s easy to fall into despair when considering this reality, we should keep in mind the teaching of Jesus on pruning. Read John 15:1-8. What stands out to you? What are some personal experiences of “pruning” you have in your faith journey?

4. The Holy Spirit spoke to the church in Antioch when they were in the midst of “worshiping and fasting.” First, how do you define “worship”? What are some activities that fall into this category? Second, what is the purpose of fasting in the life of a Christian?

5. In this passage, Paul & Barnabas face Satanic opposition through a false prophet named Bar-Jesus/Elymas. In a similar way, all of us who desire to make an impact of the Kingdom of God will face opposition. Read Ephesians 6:10-20 – what does this passage have to teach us about this spiritual war we are in?

6. One of the surprising things that happen in this passage is that Paul, who already has the Holy Spirit, is once again “filled” with the Holy Spirit. Paul is likely reflecting on this experience (and others) when he writes Ephesians 5:15-21. Read through this passage – what does this teach us about being filled with the Holy Spirit?

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