Easter 2020 – Sermon Discussion Guide

Book of Acts – Week 17 – Luke 24:36-53
Discussion Guide

Before working on this discussion guide, please do the following:

  1. Watch the message from this past Sunday if you were unable to attend the online service. You can find the message on our Facebook Page and on our website (renovationchurchsd.com).


  1. Spend 5 minutes or so in prayer. You can either pray through the “Lord’s Prayer” or simply share what is on your heart. It is also good to spend at least 1 full minute in silence so that God can quiet your heart and mind as you prepare to study the Scriptures.


Discussion Questions

  1. Read slowly and prayerfully through Luke 24:36-53. What stands out to you? What questions do you still have after reading through the text?



  1. The first thing Jesus does is offer his disciples peace. What kind of peace was Jesus offering? How is the peace of God different than the peace of this world? In what ways are you in need of peace this week?



  1. Jesus asked his disciples two questions: Why are you troubled? Why do doubts arise in your hearts? – From your perspective, what are some reasons people in our world might be troubled and doubtful of God right now? Do any Scriptures come to your mind that speak into these situations?



  1. Tyler shared that there are five paths that we can use to enter into God’s peace – Jesus’ wounds, Jesus’ physical body, Jesus’ words, Jesus’ Gospel, and Jesus’ Ascension. Briefly explain what each of these mean and which one resonates with you the most:



  1. In Luke 24:44-45, Jesus explains to his disciples how He is the fulfillment of the Old Testament. As you think through your own study of the Old Testament, what are some ways the Old Testament points us to Jesus?



  1. In Luke 24:46-49, Jesus lays out five essential components of the Gospel. Read through this passage slowly and write down each component of the Gospel according to Jesus.



  1. Finally, what is one takeaway that you are applying to your life after studying this passage?


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