Hey everyone!

As many of you know, I do a weekly video podcast for the communities of Garretson, Dell Rapids, and Pipestone. Each week I sit down with a community member or business owner to get them a free platform to share what they are passionate about and to make each of these communities a better place to live.

I have recently launched a website to take the podcast to the next level. My hope is to begin monetizing the podcast in order to pay for some of the regular expenses. I travel to each person’s place of work and have invested close to $5,000 into the podcast. For the past three years, I have done this on a volunteer basis.

This may change, but my hope is to continue to do the podcast free of charge with those that I meet and to not rely on ad revenue. Instead, if you feel that the podcast has been beneficial to you or your community, you can donate to offset some of these expenses on the website.

So, do me a favor – explore the website and share it on social media. Thank you!



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