Might turn this into a full song. Wanted to write and record a quick verse reminiscing on some things. Enjoy!

(If you are reading this in your e-mail, you need to go to the actual page to hear the music).

Download Here

You know what I miss? Making music
We used to stay up all night just to break the booth in

Back when I was Triple Nine just trying to keep the fuse lit
We had a whole crew of people kind of like a movement

Wilson, DJ, Jeff, Richie, Westly, Nick usually
We’d turn the speakers up and rap – what were we doing?

Nobody knows, we’d just tried to flow
We were making memories I guess we met that goal

Do you recall the fort?
We did things I can’t say when I hit record

Me and DJ discovered it when we were bored
It was hidden in some trees but I can’t say no more

We kept it hidden from the world, that was the norm
The abandoned house on the corner, that was the door

Though the house is gone, memories remain
I think it’s time to go back, what do yall say?

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