There’s a good chance you are reading much of the Bible incorrectly.

The Bible is the most powerful book we have access to. Rather than just being a beautiful work of literature, it is God’s very Word. It is primarily through the Scriptures that the Living God speaks to His people.

While keeping that in mind, we also need to understand that the Bible IS a book. Actually, it is a collection of books, letters, prophecies, and various other types of literature composed over a vast period of time. Every part of the Bible is originally from an ancient manuscript. This displays the tremendous power and uniqueness of the Biblical text as it still has direct relevance for Christians today.

Unfortunately, many Christians are content to allow their Bible to collect dust rather than to study it. OR, they are content with some guy in a suit telling them what they should think about the Bible.

Yes,  I know all Christians CLAIM reading the Bible is important but the evidence proves otherwise. The church today is biblically illiterate even through we live in a time when solid resources are literally a click away.

As part of my study at Sioux Falls Seminary, I just finished reading How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth by Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart.

This is an excellent book accurately explains how to build a bridge from the 21st century to the ancient text in order to understand the relevance and power of the Bible for today. Sadly, many Christians misread and misapply the Bible to their own ruin.

Over the next 10 blog posts we will discuss the basics of reading the following types of literature in the Bible (click the links to be directed to the finished posts):

I will be writing very briefly on each of these topics. For a much better understanding, I highly recommend purchasing the book. I pray that these posts encourage you to pursue God with all your mind, heart, and soul.

What do YOU think is the most difficult part of the Bible? Let me know by leaving a comment!


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