Lutherans, Catholics, & Renovation Church!

Monday and Tuesday of this week I had the honor of running sound/video for a Lutheran Conference at Sioux Falls Seminary. This morning (Wednesday) I attended Mass at St. Rose of Lima in Garretson. This afternoon I began working on an expository sermon from John 6 to proclaim to the church I pastor – aContinue reading “Lutherans, Catholics, & Renovation Church!”

Midweek Check-Up!

Hey Renovation Church Family! Wednesday is a good day of the week to examine our lives and recommit ourselves to God. We spent a little bit of time last Sunday talking about the temptations Jesus faced in the wilderness after his baptism – I hope this continued reflection will help you live for God’s purposesContinue reading “Midweek Check-Up!”

Listen… Worship… Live (Part 2)

In my sermon this past Sunday I closed with three words: Listen, Worship, Live. This week I will be taking time to write an individual post for each one of these disciplines to help you apply the Bible to your life. Listen… Worship… Live (Part 1) We often associate “worship” with a particular music style.Continue reading “Listen… Worship… Live (Part 2)”

Renovation Church – Launch Sunday Recap!

I’m still in awe of what God did this past Sunday at Renovation Church. I had the incredible honor of preaching from John 3 and explaining why our church would be rooted & sustained by the Gospel of Jesus Christ. My prayer is that we would not lift up Renovation Church but rather Jesus ChristContinue reading “Renovation Church – Launch Sunday Recap!”