God Is Not Angry At You.

God is not angry at you. Whenever I see Street Preachers screaming at the top of their lungs, proclaiming that every single person around them is going to Hell, I cannot stand it! These “preachers” attempt to scare people into the Kingdom of God. They make God out to be an angry, abusive, and distantContinue reading “God Is Not Angry At You.”


I just finished reading Revelation 14. God has convicted me of a truth we often overlook in our evangelical church culture. God will not overlook sin forever. Hear me Christian! I am disgusted by the fact that so many of us are content with keeping quiet about who Jesus is. I have seen many peopleContinue reading “I REFUSE!”

Lost (for 40 years!)

Missed church? Check out the message HERE! Can you imagine being lost for forty years? I have the opportunity of teaching the Bible this weekend at The Rescue Church. We are currently going through a series called “The Story”. It is based on a book called The Story which removes verse numbers and breaks largeContinue reading “Lost (for 40 years!)”