Join me at Church Online!

I recently shot a new introduction video for the iCampus of The Rescue Church. As many of you know, one of my roles is the iCampus Pastor. Our iCampus is our ministry that we use to reach all over the world with the incredible news of Jesus’ life, death, and resurrection!

If you have not been to church in awhile and would like to check out The Rescue Church from the comfort of your home, I would love to have you join me on the iCampus. The direct link is

Below is the new introduction video. I will “see” you Sunday at 10am!

Paul’s Mission (Chapter 29 – The Story)

I had the honor of sharing from the Bible this past Sunday at The Rescue Church. Below are the video and notes from the message!

The Story – Part 29
“Paul’s Mission”

Paul’s Mission and Transformation

  • The Apostle Paul was the first terrorist towards Christianity. (Acts 9:1-9)
  • One of the greatest witnesses to the world about Jesus is a transformed
  • Paul faced intense persecution in every city.

Our Mission (2 Corinthians 2:14-16)

  • To some people we are death (2 Cor. 2:16).
  • To some people we are life (2. Cor. 2:16).

How does this apply to my life?

  • Repent and put your faith in Jesus for salvation.
  • Display Christ in every area of your life.
  • Pray that God would break your heart for lost people

Enjoy the message? You can join The Rescue Church every Sunday morning at 10am central time from the comfort of your computer via the iCampus!

Church Online?


(Yes, that picture is on a whole ‘nother level of awesomeness)

Have you ever attended a church service in your pajamas?!

I wanted to take a couple of minutes to invite you to join me tomorrow morning on The Rescue Church’s iCampus. Every Sunday morning at 10am central time, we stream our entire service live. There is also interactive chat, notes, and prayer.

If you have ever wanted to see what a service at the Rescue Church is like but have never had the chance to attend, we would be honored to have you join us tomorrow morning! We do not consider our iCampus as a replacement for a local church, we urge you STRONGLY to be plugged into a church in your community.

BUT, if you have not been to church in years, it can be pretty intimidating going back. We would like to help disarm your worry and anxiety by offering the service to you via your computer.

So why not join us tomorrow? I will be in the chat as a “Host” and would love to talk to you. See you at 10am!

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