Small Town, Big Church (Rural Ministry!)

Being in ministry can definitely be tough at times. Pastors NEED encouragement and teaching. Something that I have noticed in the Evangelical world is that the vast majority of teaching geared towards pastors has a focus from a Mega-church perspective – which definitely makes sense. If you are the pastor of a church with 2,000+Continue reading “Small Town, Big Church (Rural Ministry!)”

Lost (for 40 years!)

Missed church? Check out the message HERE! Can you imagine being lost for forty years? I have the opportunity of teaching the Bible this weekend at The Rescue Church. We are currently going through a series called “The Story”. It is based on a book called The Story which removes verse numbers and breaks largeContinue reading “Lost (for 40 years!)”

God Chooses Weak People.

Check out the Message that inspired this post by clicking HERE! Have you ever faced a challenge and felt COMPLETELY inadequate and unprepared? I have felt this way for the past eleven months (and still do). I have the honor and privilege of pastoring The Rescue Church in Garretson, SD. I remember having many conversationsContinue reading “God Chooses Weak People.”

Now ALL Glory to God… [Garretson Update]

“Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think.” – Ephesians 3:20 I am sitting here in awe at the power of God. The past couple of weeks have been both exhausting and rewarding. Our team in GarretsonContinue reading “Now ALL Glory to God… [Garretson Update]”

Three Books YOU Should Read!

I recently wrote a blog post explaining the statement “Leaders are readers.” If you haven’t read that yet, click HERE and check it out! I want to recommend three AWESOME books I have read recently. Taking God At His Word: Why the Bible Is Knowable, Necessary, and Enough, and What That Means for You andContinue reading “Three Books YOU Should Read!”

REFUSE to be Ignored

Refused to be ignored! I first heard this statement last week when I was at a roundtable event in Chicago with a group of roughly 18 pastors and church leaders. The biggest insult to a church is not to have people slander the members and leaders but instead to simply ignore them. Satan wants quietContinue reading “REFUSE to be Ignored”

Leaders ARE Readers.

Leaders are readers. I have no idea who first shared that statement. It is something I hear numerous times in leadership and yet it is often overlooked. If you are going to lead, you NEED to be reading; not just in your area of study but in all disciplines (to a certain degree). Below areContinue reading “Leaders ARE Readers.”