— We are told if we have a family, we will finally be satisfied.

— We are told if we have a successful career, we will finally be satisfied.

— We are told if attain a certain educational pedigree, we will finally be satisfied.

We are told if we finally reach the “American Dream”, we will be satisfied.

But… we see those who have everything we can imagine — those who are wealthy, famous, and beautiful – becoming disillusioned because the fame and success did nothing to satisfy the deeper cravings of their soul. We see seemingly beautiful marriages disintegrate in betrayal and tragedy. We see those at the pinnacle of what WE wish we had fall apart, because inwardly they were depleted and empty.

Jesus once spoke about “living water” that, if we drink it, will not only quench our thirst but become a spring that flows into the lives of others.

What was he talking about?

Well… that’s what I will be preaching on this Sunday at the United Church of Garretson. The service is at 10:30am and I’d be honored to have YOU join me — regardless of your religious views or church background. There is Children’s Church during the message for those with young kids. I also have the honor of giving a short message for the kids before they are dismissed for Children’s Church🙂

(For those unable to attend, I will be recording the message with video & audio and will post it online after the service).

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