I quit my “dream job” after two days. I think most of you are aware that this week I started a new opportunity at SDN Communications leading a Cybersecurity team that provides resources for outside businesses. This was a significant advancement for my career and, in many ways, was my dream job – both in the position as well as the salary/benefits.

On the first day, I recognized almost immediately that it was not a good fit for me. I came home from work and Ashley asked me, “So how was your first day?” – and I was absolutely broken. I felt like a failure. I seriously considered leaving the world of IT completely and beginning a new career (again!). I cannot emphasize how angry at myself I was – ask Ashley about it if you see her. I felt terrible about the possibility of burning relationships with really good people at SDN – I also experienced an incredible amount of anxiety recognizing the reality that I may be facing the prospect of being unemployed while being the primary source of income for my family.

In humility, I reached out to Erik VanLaeken – the CIO of Southeast Tech (and my former supervisor). I told him I made a mistake and overestimated my leadership and technical ability to lead the team at SDN. I asked him if there was any possibility of me coming back to Southeast Tech. Long story short, we had a really good conversation and he was able to bring me back to my former position of managing the IT Support Center on campus. This shows the culture of the team at STC and the leadership Erik provides. To say I am grateful would be an understatement.

All that being said, I do want to make a few things clear – SDN is an INCREDIBLE company with a great culture. My situation was unique. If you’re looking for a great tech company, I sincerely encourage you to check them out. I had a really good conversation with my manager at SDN as well as the Director of HR. They understood & supported my decision. This shows the level of leadership at SDN.

To my friends at Southeast Tech – I am coming back and will not be leaving. In my drive (and arrogance/pride?) to climb the “corporate ladder” I left a position (and team) that I love and paid the consequences. God crushed my pride and my ego in this process… and that’s a really good thing.

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