Hey everyone!

I wanted to share a quick announcement to let you know I have deactivated my Facebook. I still have Messenger available so you can reach me via Messenger if you were formally a “friend” of mine on Facebook. This is temporarily and I will likely reactivate Facebook after a few months (maybe..)

I did not deactivate my Facebook due to any type of political motivation or fear of censorship. Instead, I discerned that I was beginning to view people differently based on their Facebook posts (because, let’s be real, people post really stupid stuff online). I no longer want to judge people based on their online persona and would prefer to build relationships through real conversation.

So, if you need to reach me and do not have my phone number, you can send me an email at tyler@renovationchurchsd.com or reach out to me via Facebook’s Messenger app.

2 thoughts on “Facebook Deactivated

  1. I’m fasting from facebook but did not deactivate. It’s a hard decision for me because that is how I keep in contact with ministry partners overseas so I just logged out on my phone. I hear you.

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