While all of you were watching the debate, I passed the objective assessment/test for Web Development Foundations!

I have now completed 14 credits (a full semester) in 3 weeks at Western Governor’s University. Almost every night, I work on school from 7pm to 12:30am. Mainly, I was able to test out of almost all of the classes from teaching myself security concepts, html5, CSS, python, and basic coding concepts for fun in the past few years. I am on track to graduate with my Bachelor’s Degree in less than a year as well as earn 11 industry-level certs in the field of Cybersecurity/Information Assurance.

I may also have a part-time contracting gig for a local business to help provide security & encryption for their files & system that I’ll be starting soon. It will only be a few hours a week but will provide good experience in the field.

(I’m sharing these updates regularly as an online journal so I can look back and see what I have accomplished from month-to-month.)

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