Positive Case of COVID-19 at Renovation Church on Sunday, October 4th:

Hi everyone,

I just received a phone call from Kris Frerk who is part of our church and attended the service last Sunday at the American Legion (I received her permission to share her name). Kris begin having COVID-19 symptoms on Monday and tested positive for COVID-19.I have consulted with Dr. Diane Kennedy from Sanford Health in Luverne, MN about the steps we need to take. Dr. Kennedy explained that since we mandated social distancing and masks, the other people in the service do NOT have to self-quarantine. If we did not practice these things, everyone in the service would need to quarantine for 14 days and be tested. Kris Frerk wanted me to pass on the message that she is incredibly grateful that we had everyone wearing masks in the service on Sunday so that she did not pass COVID-19 on to those around her.

This once again proves why we have been so adamant about the need for masks and social distancing – even though many people have been upset. We are continuing to ask EVERYONE to wear masks and practice social distancing during our indoor services and will continue to follow the recommendations of local health officials – regardless of who is upset about it.

For questions, you can contact Pastor Tyler Ramsbey at 605-359-9486

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