Hi everyone!

I wanted to write a short note to invite those of you in the area to join me for church at one of two different churches. This Sunday I have the opportunity to share a message from the Book of Acts at The Rescue Church in Flandreau, SD as well as Renovation Church in Garretson, SD.

If you live near the Flandreau area, I highly encourage you to join The Rescue Church for Sunday morning worship at 10am. On the other hand, if you live near Garretson, I would love for you to join Renovation Church for worship outside at Split Rock Park at 10am.

(If you are wondering how I can be in two places at once – the message in Flandreau will be pre-recorded. I’ll be heading to Flandreau tomorrow to record that message. I will be sharing the message in-person in Garretson as I do every week).

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