I may be the only person who went from an Associate’s Degree to a Master’s Degree and now a Bachelor’s Degree but here I go embarking on another degree. Ashley & I have come to the conclusion that I have an addiction to education but I (think) that’s a good addiction.

Beginning this Fall, I will be pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance through Western Governors University.

WGU follows a CBE Model (Competency-Based Education) – it’s the same philosophy as the Kairos Program at Sioux Falls Seminary. It is non-profit & regionally accredited (same accreditation as USF, SDSU, USD, etc.) but half the price due to the CBE Model. It’s not for everyone as you have to be able to set your own goals and direct your own education (but, after doing it for 3+ years at Sioux Falls Seminary, I think I have that part down.)

To answer the most common question that people will probably ask – no I am not leaving pastoral ministry and I have no intention of leaving Renovation Church. My goal remains the same – if God allows me, I plan on being a pastor at Renovation Church until retirement.

A huge thank you to my former professors who I now consider good friends and mentors – Dr. Philip E. Thompson and Dr. Nathan Hitchcock – for their encouragement while I have been considering this decision.

(This is only the beginning of education for me. I plan on eventually getting a Master’s in Cybersecurity and either a Doctor of Ministry or a PhD in New Testament Studies…)

Some of you may remember that I was initially in the Doctor of Ministry program through Sioux Falls Seminary. I ended up taking a leave of absence from that program in August of 2019 when my son Elijah was born and we were moving into a new house. After consulting with my wife and mentors, I decided that it was not the right season to pursue a Doctorate degree due to the time, energy, and financial committed needed to do so. I plan on eventually getting either my Doctor of Ministry or my PhD in New Testament Studies but those things will happen in the future (Lord willing).

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