As I shared in a previous post, I am hoping to provide a high school level class for students who will be doing virtual learning or homeschooling as a result of COVID-19. I am waiting to make this class official until I have at least 5 students signed up but am spending the bulk of today creating the course overview and curriculum. In my search online, I could not find any classes that I felt were adequate so I am creating one on my own.

Below is the course description. If you know of any high school students who would like to be part of this class, please have them reach out to me via e-mail –

NT Literature: The Johannine Corpus

This is a one-semester course which will meet once a week for 15 weeks for an in-depth study of the Gospel of John as well as overviews of the rest of the Johannine Corpus (i.e. 1st John, 2nd John, 3rd John, and Revelation). We will consider the authorship, structure, historical background, and 1st century setting to grasp a fuller and deeper understanding of this ancient text. The class will meet on Thursdays at 9am via Zoom (beginning on Thursday, September 3rd). Class sessions will be around 2 hours long and the student should expect to complete 1 – 3 hours of homework per week for this class. This will be more academic than a regular Bible Study but the goal remains the same: to help the student connect with God in a deeper and more authentic way.

ESV Study Bible (ISBN – 978-1433502415)
N.T. Wright for Everyone Bible Study Guides: John (ISBN – 978-0830821846)

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