This past Sunday I had the honor of teaching about the most influential church plant in the first century – the church in Antioch. I walk through the text and share four characteristics about the type of church (and Christian) that God blesses. Below the video you can find the Sermon Discussion Guide to go deeper into the text. This Wednesday at 8pm I will be hosting an online small group where we will discuss the Sermon Discussion Guide. The connection info is here:

Book of Acts – Week 28 – Acts 11:19-26
Discussion Guide

Before working on this discussion guide, please do the following:

1. Watch the message from this past Sunday if you were unable to attend the online service. You can find the message on our Facebook Page and on our website (

2. Spend 5 minutes or so in prayer. You can either pray through the “Lord’s Prayer” or simply share what is on your heart. It is also good to spend at least 1 full minute in silence so that God can quiet your heart and mind as you prepare to study the Scriptures.

Discussion Questions

1. Read slowly and prayerfully through Acts 11:19-26. What stands out to you? What questions do you still have after reading through the text?

2. The Church of Antioch was founded in the crucible of suffering. One of the themes of Scripture we conveniently ignore is the dominant theme of suffering in the life of a Christian. Read the following passages and share what stands out to you: James 1:2-8 and 1 Peter 2:19-25

3. The Church in Antioch was started when followers of Jesus were willing to “proclaim the good news about the Lord Jesus” to the non-Jews in that city. If someone were to ask you – what is this “good news” that these early Christians proclaimed – how would you answer it? Do you have a certain passage of Scripture you can point to that contains this good news?

4. When Barnabas arrived in Antioch to check out what was going on, Luke says that he saw the “grace of God.” What does this mean? When the average person walks into most churches today, do they see the grace of God? What are some steps we can take as individuals and as a church so that others see God’s grace in and through us?

5. Another thing that the Church in Antioch prioritized was sound teaching and doctrine. Take a few minutes to carefully read Hebrews 5:11-14 – what stands out to you? Practically speaking, how do we adjust from milk to solid food in the Christian faith?

6. Overall, the key to the success of the church in Antioch is found in verse 21 – the Lord’s hand was with them. This is something all of us want to experience but very few of us do. If someone were to ask you, “How do I experience the blessing of God” – how would you respond?

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