We have officially gone back to in-person services at Renovation Church. Rather than meeting inside of a building, we are holding services at Split Rock Park in Garretson, South Dakota. Truly, this is a more beautiful worship center than any that could be created by human hands. We will be gathering for worship every Sunday at 10am in this beautiful setting – if you live near Garretson, please consider joining us!

Here’s the message for today & the sermon discussion questions. We will be meeting on Wednesday, June 10th at 8pm to pray & discuss the message. Connection info is here: https://renovationchurchsd.com/online-service-information/

(If you are reading this in your e-mail, you will need to go to the actual page to see the video).

Book of Acts – Week 22 – Acts 8:26-40

Discussion Guide

Before working on this discussion guide, please do the following:

1. Watch the message from this past Sunday if you were unable to attend the online service. You can find the message on our Facebook Page and on our website (renovationchurchsd.com).

2. Spend 5 minutes or so in prayer. You can either pray through the “Lord’s Prayer” or simply share what is on your heart. It is also good to spend at least 1 full minute in silence so that God can quiet your heart and mind as you prepare to study the Scriptures.

Discussion Questions

1. Read slowly and prayerfully through Acts 8:26-40. What stands out to you? What questions do you still have after reading through the text?

2. The entire message this week was about how God saves sinners. Reflect for a moment on your own salvation story. How did you come to the faith? Who are some key people or key events that God used to grow you closer to him?

3. One of the first things we see in this passage is that God pursues lost people through His people (that’s all of us). As you think through your ordinary day, who are some “Ethiopians” (so to speak) whom you come into contact with who may be open to the Gospel? Write down the names of at least three people below and spend time praying for an opportunity to share your faith with them.

4. Although all of us understand the importance of sharing our faith – very few do it. Why is this? What are some steps all of us can take to begin regularly sharing our faith with those who are not Christians?

5. The second reality we see in this passage is that God pursues lost people through His Word. Are you in a regular habit of reading the Bible? If so, how has God used the Bible to draw you closer to Himself? Are there certain passages that he has used to encourage you or grow you in your faith? If so, what are they?

6. This entire passage is the result of an ordinary Christians who loves Jesus, knows the Bible, and is sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. What are some practices we can put into place so that each of us is more sensitive to the voice and prompting of the Holy Spirit in our own lives?

7. Finally, what is at least one way you are planning on applying this message to your life this week?

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