Friends, in view of the hatred & division being spread through social media posts rather than understanding through conversation, I have been thinking the best thing for many people (especially Christians) to do is to disconnect from social media for an indefinite period of time to seek lasting healing, true change, & real relationships.

I believe so strongly in this that I will be doing it myself. If you’d like to stay connected with me, you can do so in the following ways:

1. I will still be checking my messages.


2. I will continue to manage and produce content for the Renovation Church page and The Blue Light Podcast page.


3. I will continue to share some of my thoughts on my personal website – feel free to subscribe – (www.tylerramsbey.com)


4. Finally, I very much prefer real conversation so send me a message to set up a time to talk, pray, or study the Scriptures together.


This could last a week, a month, a year, or longer. We shall see.



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