Hey everyone!
I had the honor of being featured on the 200Churches Podcast – a podcast heard around the world for the purpose of encouraging small church pastors in ministry. Even if you aren’t in ministry, I hope & pray this conversation encourages you in your faith!

Here’s the episode: http://www.buzzsprout.com/8862/914865-episode-308-focus-on-your-strengths-in-small-church-ministry-with-tyler-ramsbey 

4 thoughts on “I Was Featured on a Podcast!

  1. Hi Tyler. I listened to your whole podcast that you were interviewed on by Jeff and Jonny. You were AWESOME! Very proud of you. You did a wonderful job! I am proud to call you my pastor!

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    1. Hey Diane! Thank you so much for listening to the podcast and thank you for being on this journey with Ashley & I. If my memory serves me correct, you were the FIRST person to get connected with our church!

  2. This rocks! If you want to know about our church and our Pastor, this nails it. I have never been more happy to be a part of this journey on Earth than I am now with the people we call our Church. Thank you Tyler for sharing Christ with us through your teaching and your life.

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