(Note from Tyler: One of the disciplines in my life is journaling what I feel the Spirit is teaching me through the Scriptures. I do this daily but rarely share it with others for it is much more of a personal exercise. Nevertheless, I felt the Holy Spirit prompt me to share my journaling from today so I pray & hope it encourages you in your walk with Christ. Below are the exact words I wrote in my notebook for 10/26/2018)

Luke 10:39
“She had a sister named Mary, who sat at the Lord’s feet and listened to what he was saying.”

Father, I thank you for this picture of the contemplative life. Help me remember that what we do should always flow out of who we are before Christ. There are three things I see regarding contemplation here –

1. Contemplation begins with slowing down (“who sat…”)
Father, more often than not, I feel as if I am going at a pace that is both hectic and unsustainable. Teach me to carve out margin in my schedule so I can learn to move at an intentionally slow pace.

2. Contemplation is focused on Christ (“at the Lord’s feet”)
The object of my contemplation and devotion should be the person & work of Jesus Christ. Lead me to live a life that is centered on and consumed by Jesus alone.

3. Contemplation emphasizes listening (“and listened to what he was saying.”) 
O God, I confess that I am often quick to speak, quick to anger, and slow to listen. Teach me the art of simply listening to Your Word without an agenda that I might be formed into the image of Christ.


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