IMG_0841I have been practicing morning prayer, mid-day prayer, and evening prayer through the beautiful liturgy found in “Common Prayer – A Liturgy for Ordinary Radicals.” The morning prayer for Good Friday has a remarkable reflection by John Chrysostom, a fourth-century bishop and preacher in Constantinople. I pray this meditation speaks as deeply into your spirit as it did into mine!

“Do you see how the devil is defeated by the very weapons of his prior victory? The devil had vanquished Adam by means of a tree. Christ vanquished the devil by means of the tree of the Cross. The tree sent Adam to hell. The tree of the Cross brought him back from there. The tree revealed Adam in his weakness, laying prostrate, naked and low. The tree of the Cross manifested to all the world the victorious Christ, naked and nailed on high. Adam’s death sentence passed onto all who came after him. Christ death gave life to all his children.” 

If you find this helpful, I encourage you to share it on Facebook & Twitter so others can be impacted by this powerful reflection!

2 thoughts on “Satan’s Victory

  1. Tyler my friend, you have something so much better than than this approach to God. You can just talk to Him in your own way, with your own thoughts.
    Your friend,

    1. Thanks for the comment, Lee! I actually do both at the same time! I was once opposed to any sort of liturgy but going through written prayers can be powerful. The entire book of Psalms is written prayers/songs meant to be sung by God’s people.

      I often use the liturgy as a basis for my own prayer & reflection. In addition, I often write out my prayer based on the passages that I am reading through. I have personally found it extremely life-giving. For those that do not find liturgy helpful, I encourage them not to use it.

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