Dealing with Division (Acts 15:36 – 16:5)

This past Sunday I had the honor of teaching through Acts 15:36 – 16:5 at Renovation Church. Below the message is the “Sermon Discussion Guide” that will help you go deeper with the text. We will be discussing this sermon discussion guide during our online small group via Zoom on Wednesday at 8:30pm. All areContinue reading “Dealing with Division (Acts 15:36 – 16:5)”

Update On My New IT Position Alongside of Pastoral Work

Hi everyone, I wanted to share a short update for those who were unable to attend the meeting tonight via Zoom. I begin my full-time IT position with Interstates in Sioux Falls on Tuesday, November 24th. I will be working Monday – Friday from 8am – 5pm and, as a result, here are some ofContinue reading “Update On My New IT Position Alongside of Pastoral Work”

Important COVID-19 Update for Renovation Church

IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE FOR┬áRenovation Church: There are multiple people in our church – including leaders – who have either tested positive for COVID-19, have symptoms of COVID-19 and are awaiting a test result, or who are quarantined due to a family member testing positive. As a result, the service for this Sunday will be movedContinue reading “Important COVID-19 Update for Renovation Church”

How to Strengthen Your Soul (Acts 14:21-28)

In the message this past Sunday at Renovation Church, I had the honor of teaching through Acts 14:21-28. Specifically, we studied verses 21-22 to learn more about what it looks like to be a disciple and the importance of having our souls strengthened. The message is below and you can find the “Sermon Discussion Guide”Continue reading “How to Strengthen Your Soul (Acts 14:21-28)”

I Completed 14 Credits in 3 Weeks!

While all of you were watching the debate, I passed the objective assessment/test for Web Development Foundations! I have now completed 14 credits (a full semester) in 3 weeks at Western Governor’s University. Almost every night, I work on school from 7pm to 12:30am. Mainly, I was able to test out of almost all ofContinue reading “I Completed 14 Credits in 3 Weeks!”

Schedule a Meeting With Me!

Hey everyone! I am terrible at getting back to people about meetings as it requires trying to line our calendars up together. It seems it ends up with me going back-and-forth with the person until it fizzles out. As a result, I have placed my calendar inside of an easy-to-use website that allows you toContinue reading “Schedule a Meeting With Me!”

Important Church Meeting via Zoom

We will be meeting on Wednesday, October 21st via Zoom to continue discussing the future of Renovation Church and thinking of ways we can thrive during this “new normal.” We will be sharing some major changes that may be coming our way so we highly encouraged EVERYONE who is part of Renovation Church to attend.Continue reading “Important Church Meeting via Zoom”