Why You Should Ditch Your “Bible Reading” Plan (And Learn to Pray the Bible!)

In my message this morning at Renovation Church, we studied the topic of prayer from John 14:12-17. The key to understanding how to pray effective & powerful prayers is praying them in Jesus’ name. Praying “in Jesus’ name” means far more than tacking it onto the end of our prayer. Praying according to Jesus’ nameContinue reading “Why You Should Ditch Your “Bible Reading” Plan (And Learn to Pray the Bible!)”

Aren’t All Religions Equal?

While listening to a lecture on world religions (yes, I listen to lectures for fun) – The professor explained that God is like a profound and mysterious mountain. Different religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, among others – are simply different paths up the same mountain. He claimed that each religion is different because eachContinue reading “Aren’t All Religions Equal?”

No, Your Loved One Did Not Become an Angel.

(Warning: Rant incoming) The vast majority of Christians – especially in the Western world – have a very flawed and unbiblical understanding of heaven. This is especially prevalent when a loved one dies and we try to comfort them by saying, “Well, I guess God needed another angel.” Let’s consider the implications of this statementContinue reading “No, Your Loved One Did Not Become an Angel.”

Unmet Expectations = Frustration

Frustration is what happens when reality does not meet our expectations. All of us relate to this experience. For some people it is the search for a job. You remember complaining about your old job but any job is better than no job. You have filled out countless applications, wrote cover letters, and even followedContinue reading “Unmet Expectations = Frustration”

The Root of Unbelief (Sunday Message!)

If there was a guy named Jesus who really lived on this earth and really did all the miracles that people claim… how come he was abandoned by his disciples and died with almost no followers? This is the question I wrestled with this morning as we continued our Gospel of John series from┬áJohn 12:37-50.Continue reading “The Root of Unbelief (Sunday Message!)”