Christmas IS For Broken People! (New Message)

Christmas IS For Broken People! (Click to Open) For many people, Christmas is a time of immense depression & loneliness. What we don’t realize is that the message of Christmas is SPECIFICALLY for broken people! In this Christmas message, I preach through Luke 2:8-10. My prayer is that this encourages you in your faith andContinue reading “Christmas IS For Broken People! (New Message)”

Christmas Is For Broken People…

(If you are viewing this in your e-mail, you will have to go to the actual page in order to watch the video) If you are wrestling with depression, anxiety, or loneliness this Christmas, the message of Christmas is FOR YOU! If you live in the Garretson area, I’d be absolutely thrilled to have youContinue reading “Christmas Is For Broken People…”

YOU Should Join ME on Christmas Eve!

God became a man. The incarnation is far more incredible than we will ever realize. The Ancient of Ages who created the heavens & the earth by the power of His Word took on flesh. He didn’t simply “appear” to be human… Jesus really is human. Fully God. Fully Man. Jesus Christ. The God-man. IContinue reading “YOU Should Join ME on Christmas Eve!”

Greatness Redefined (New Message!)

The Table – Week 2 – Time to Serve (Click to Listen!) Many of us have toxic views of greatness. We tend to measure greatness by money, status, & power. In God’s Kingdom, we see that greatness is ENTIRELY different than how we view it. In this message, I spend some time teaching through LukeContinue reading “Greatness Redefined (New Message!)”

Three Things Christians SHOULD Learn from Mormons!

I must place a disclaimer here: I do not believe the LDS (i.e. Mormon) Church is a Christian church. Their doctrine differs significantly from historical Christianity to such a degree that they are outside of orthodox faith. For more information on this, I encourage you to watch this video by Ravi Zacharias. I met withContinue reading “Three Things Christians SHOULD Learn from Mormons!”