Our World is Falling Apart.

Young children experiencing excruciating abuse & humiliation as victims of sex trafficking. Babies have bodies destroyed by the viciousness of cancer. Men & women squeeze the cold steel of a handgun while pointed it at themselves; intent on escaping the cruelty of this world through suicide. Many are in bondage to addiction – drugs, alcohol,Continue reading “Our World is Falling Apart.”

The Danger of Forgetfulness

Thieves of Thanksgiving – Week 1 – Forgetfulness (Click here to listen!) Satan seeks to steal, kill, and destroy us. One of his most effective tactics is causing us to forget God’s faithfulness. In this message, I share some practical steps on fighting against this spiritual amnesia. P.S. I have the honor of preaching everyContinue reading “The Danger of Forgetfulness”

Christians, Politics, & Donald Trump

I have resisted the strong urge to comment publicly on politics. My resistance has officially been broken. My heart has been crushed by the mud-slinging happening among Christians. Our response to this election has exposed the false gods we have elevated in our hearts,¬†churches, and country. 1. We¬†worship man. The only explanation for the bitternessContinue reading “Christians, Politics, & Donald Trump”