Do you want to record music?


Do you write music and want to begin recording professionally? Are you a seasoned artist looking for a more affordable studio?

My goal is to offer high-quality recording, mixing, and mastering services at an affordable rate to add value to the lives of music artists. All vocals will be recorded on the Shure KSM44 – a studio microphone which retails at $999.

I have spent 11+ years writing, recording, and mixing music. I would love to work with you on your next project. I specialize in recording hip-hop and vocals. The recording rate is $35/hour. If you are a seasoned artist and are able to record your vocals quickly, you could easily record 2 – 3 songs in an hour.

If you are a new artist, I am more than happy to help structure your song and improve your delivery.

Below are some examples of my work (if you are reading this in your e-mail, you will need to go to the actual page to hear the music). If you are interested in working with me, head to the “Contact Me” page!

I had an incredible week!


I spent this past week at Sioux Falls Seminary for the intensive week of the Kairos Project. This was a week of classes, study, fellowship and prayer. On top of that, I finally learned to enjoy coffee today (thanks to Annie’s Coffeehouse in Garretson!)

So… let’s have coffee together for the #weekendcoffeeshare! As I sip on my latte (I can’t drink ‘real’ coffee yet..) let me share with you some of the things I learned this week:

1. Ministry MUST happen in every sphere of life!
Sadly we have promoted a false dichotomy between secular and sacred work within the church. Almost everyone believes that formal, paid ministry is sacred work. On the other hand, other jobs (accountant, custodian, etc.) is secular or worldly work. As pastors, we expect people to use the small amount of leisure time they have in order to serve at the “sacred” church INSTEAD of empowering them to be witnesses in their work place.


All of work is sacred if it is beneficial to mankind and honoring to God! We desperately need a new theology of work. All Christians are called to full-time ministry; whether that is in a church or a factory. God has strategically placed YOU in your specific sphere of influence in order to make Jesus known to those around you!

2. There is a difference between VOCATION and OCCUPATION!
To our own detriment, we have ruined a proper understanding of vocation. Vocation is best understood as a call on one’s life. An occupation is the specific way you are living out that call on your life.

For example, God has called me to be a pastor. This can be done in ANY occupation that God places me! Whether it is through paid ministry in a church or paid ministry as a custodian! In other words, our vocation supersedes our occupation.

Rather than becoming anxious over whether or not you are in the right occupation, focus on bringing the full value of your vocation (your calling) INTO your current job. Use your job as a mission field to love God and love people. Do your work to the absolute best of your ability in order to love your neighbor! THAT IS MINISTRY!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Let me know by leaving a comment and let’s continue the discussion!

Let’s Work Together.

Bible Picture

I desire to add value to the lives of people by teaching the Bible in a way that is understandable, truthful, and relevant. We live in the midst of a culture that is biblically malnourished. Even within the church, we have people who can quote Scripture but have no idea how to live it out in their daily lives.

I want to see that changed!

I would love to work with you in order to begin that change in your community. If you are part of a church, youth group, Bible study, or any other group that would find it beneficial for me to share from the Bible, let’s work together! I would encourage you to check out my Recent Messages to have an understanding of how I communicate.

Are you interested? Head on over and Contact Me so we can begin planning and praying together!

We will discuss rates & travel when you contact me. I desire to work with people on all budgets and am willing to be flexible on speaking fees. 


Slavery to Freedom


So often we find ourselves imprisoned to bondage, addiction, and hopelessness. The good news is we do not have to stay there! We serve a God who delivers his people through mighty acts of power. In this message I share how to break from the prison of sin you so often find yourself trapped in!

I pray this message encourages your faith and deepens your love for Jesus.

(If you are reading this in your e-mail, you will need to go to the actual page to see the video)


What did you find most encouraging or convicting from the message? Let me know by leaving a comment!

If We Were Having Coffee…


I am going to begin participating in the #weekendcoffeeshare on WordPress. These are going to be special posts going along with the theme shared by the Daily Post
“Each weekend, bloggers publish posts about what they’d say to their readers if they were sitting down together over a cup of coffee. Some bloggers do it every weekend, while others dip in and out.

As a point of clarification, I hate coffee. So while you are drinking your coffee, I would probably have a soda or fruit smoothie.. Just saying.

While I sip on my virtual Mountain Dew, I want to share with you a few things God has been teaching me this past week:

1. Pride is subtle yet exceedingly dangerous.
I am preaching this Sunday at The Rescue Church. Teaching the Bible is one of the ways God has gifted me. I absolutely love spending time reading slowly and meditatively through the Scriptures while pondering how God’s timeless Word applies to our lives today. I will be teaching on Exodus 14:10-18 and I am absolutely PUMPED to be doing so!

But can I make a confession?

Often I turn my gifting into my god and seek to worship it.

I released a Facebook status on Monday sharing that I had the honor of preaching on Sunday. Rather than getting one “like” because I forced my wife to do so, over 12 people shared it and invited friends to church (and they weren’t even related to me!) My first reaction was to applaud myself for the platform I had built among my church community… This is simply evidence of pride and spiritual arrogance in my walk with Christ.

The only platform I should be building is Christ’s. If I get opportunities along the way to teach about Him, the teaching should be about HIM.. not my cleverness or preaching techniques.

Pride is extremely subtle and can turn good things into god things. Are you worshiping the gift or the Giver?

2. True faith which brings salvation is practical and full of good works.
I wrote a paper this week for seminary which answered the question on how good works and faith interact when it comes to our final salvation. Specifically, I used James 2:14-26 which SEEMS to contradict that salvation comes through faith alone and grace alone.

Ultimately, faith is a gift that comes from God. The same way that a child does not decide when to be born but it is the will of its parents; Christians do not decide when to be saved but it is the will of God (see James 1:18).

True faith which comes about through the Gospel will reveal itself in practical acts of service to fellow man. If you claim to be a Christian but have a heart that is cold and distant from the pain of humanity, you are deceiving yourself and your faith is useless, dead, and impractical.

We are not saved BY works but we are saved FOR works.

What opportunities has God placed in your life to serve your fellow man?

How was your week? I’d love to have you take a break from the caffeinated beverage you are drinking and tell me about YOU. What has God been teaching you this past week? What was difficult? What brought joy? Let me know by leaving a comment!