Jesus and the Crowd

I hate large crowds. Yup, I know that is pretty ironic since I am a pastor. I actually do not mind being up front speaking to a large crowd but I hate being in the middle of a bunch of people. What I REALLY hate is if there is a large crowd of people andContinue reading “Jesus and the Crowd”

The God of the Ordinary

When we think about God, our minds naturally drift to extraordinary events and supernatural power. There is nothing bad about this. All throughout Scripture, we see the Lord of the universe bending natural laws to flood the world with His incredible love. Many people are desperately hungry to experience a supernatural move from God. We buyContinue reading “The God of the Ordinary”

Behind The Song: Peace of Mind

As many of you know, I write and produce original music as a hobby. I took a long break from music (over two years) before I released “Peace of Mind” in April of 2015. In that two year break I… Got married. Became a pastor. Launched the Garretson Campus of The Rescue Church. Went backContinue reading “Behind The Song: Peace of Mind”

Shepherd Your Wife

Although this post is written for pastors, the principles can apply to all husbands. The Church is facing an epidemic involving pastors who fail to shepherd their wives. As pastors, our natural tendency is to love our church and ignore our families. We would not actually say this but it is evident by our actionsContinue reading “Shepherd Your Wife”

Five Benefits of Multi-site Churches

In this season of life, God has called me to be a Campus Pastor in an incredible church called The Rescue Church. The Rescue Church is a multi-site church which simply means we are one church that meets in multiple locations. Every Sunday morning, The Rescue Church meets in Garretson, SD; Flandreau, SD; Colman, SD; Deeside,Continue reading “Five Benefits of Multi-site Churches”

Pray For ‘Em (New Song!)

Verse 1 [Tyler Ramsbey] Hurt people hurt people I remember that So you can sling that dirt but Imma settle back I know that it hurts but I will never grab After my reputation cuz I’m dead to that In other words I don’t need your applause I don’t seek to please people I serveContinue reading “Pray For ‘Em (New Song!)”

Holy Preparation: Three Ways to Prepare for Worship

I can vividly remember the preparation that went into taking the ACT College Assessment test when I was in high school. This was a grueling, four hour test which I had prepared for months ahead of time. Leading up to the testing day, I dedicated hours studying the material, taking practice tests, and preparing myselfContinue reading “Holy Preparation: Three Ways to Prepare for Worship”

Walk With the Wise

We are currently in a series called #WISDOM at The Rescue Church. We are using this series to study the remarkable book of Proverbs. Proverbs was written by the wisest man who has ever lived (next to Jesus), named King Solomon. Proverbs consists of short phrases with profound meaning – similar to a Twitter feed! ThisContinue reading “Walk With the Wise”