Leadership Lessons from a Pastor

Pastoral leadership is one of the most difficult yet rewarding leadership positions available. On a daily basis, I have the opportunity to encourage people in their faith and exhort them to live according to Scripture. Yet, part of pastoral leadership is leading volunteers. Some say that leading volunteers is comparable to herding cats (If youContinue reading “Leadership Lessons from a Pastor”

Radical Honesty

If you have not read the first four posts in this series, be sure to read them below: Ladder of Humility (Part One) Ladder of Humility (Part Two) Ladder of Humility (Part Three) Ladder of Humility (Part Four) Imagine this scenario: You are sitting in the waiting room of a hospital, looking over a magazine.Continue reading “Radical Honesty”

EMTs: Garretson Storm Response

As many of you may know, the city of Garretson was severely hit early Monday morning with straight-line winds. There were wind speeds up to 100 mph. As a result, there were many homes that were destroyed by the storm and large trees were completely uprooted. As a church, our vision is to make suchContinue reading “EMTs: Garretson Storm Response”

Four INCREDIBLE Websites

If you want to grow in your life, you need to enter into conversations with a variety of people. We do this best through relationships, books, podcasts and blogs. I feed both my soul and mind on a daily basis through a variety of different mediums. The four websites below have encouraged and strengthened me inContinue reading “Four INCREDIBLE Websites”

Four Benefits of Sickness

I am currently recovering from a horrible sore throat and head cold. In between coughing fits, blowing my nose, and trying to have enough energy to work, I realized that sickness is included in the “all things” of Romans 8:28. “We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God:Continue reading “Four Benefits of Sickness”

A Word to Young Leaders (Featured on a Podcast!)

I have the honor of being featured on the latest “Small Town Big Church” podcast with my good friend Chase Riber. This is a podcast hosted by Pastor Jon Sanders, the Lead Pastor of The Rescue Church. For more information on the podcast, you can read my review of it HERE. Below is a briefContinue reading “A Word to Young Leaders (Featured on a Podcast!)”

Killed Or Be Killed

If you are a Christian, you are at war. The battle is one with eternal consequences. You wage war not against mere humans but against powerful forces of evil in a realm that you cannot see. There is an unholy trinity – the world, your flesh, and the devil – which seeks to plunge yourContinue reading “Killed Or Be Killed”

The Ladder of Humility (Part Four)

If you have not read the first three posts in this series, be sure to read them below: Ladder of Humility (Part One) Ladder of Humility (Part Two) Ladder of Humility (Part Three) The fourth step of humility is Patience to Accept the Difficulty of Others. Ultimately, this only arises out of a deep senseContinue reading “The Ladder of Humility (Part Four)”